What Causes a Stove Burner Keeps Turning Off?

May 11, 2022

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Cooking appliances are one the essential appliances for your kitchen. It is where you can cook food with its features that will make it convenient and time-saving to do. You can find different appliance brands that offer different cooking appliances, such as the stove. You can choose from different types and styles according to your preferences.

GE Monogram is one of the trusted and reliable appliance brands that has been known for its quality and durability. Even though it is a high-end appliance, it can still be prone to issues affecting how it works. If you need a professional repair service for your stove issues, GE Monogram Appliance Repair Services in La Verne is here to help. We provide quality and durable repair services such as GE Monogram Cooktop Repair. We have a team of expertly trained repair technicians that will be able to handle any possible issues that you might encounter with your cooking appliance. We use the right tools and equipment to diagnose what causes the issue and apply the best solution to it.

One of the common issues you might encounter with your stove is its burners. This part of the appliance is important to cook the food well. But, there are times that it can also cause a big problem whenever you use it. Different factors can cause the burners to turn off on their own. If you are using electric or gas stoves, the cause of the issue would vary. Other factors that cause the electric stove burners to shut off on their own due to the following:

Overheating: GE appliances added a feature to their electric stove models created after 1995, the automatic shut off. This is considered a safety feature of the stove whenever it reaches its temperature limit.

Faulty Element: If you notice that your electric stoves keep turning off, it can be due to the following faulty elements. This happens due to the wear and tear, damage, or even the grease and spills, which are often the factors that cause the element to be faulty.

Ventilation Issue – Poor ventilation can cause heat build-up in electric stoves also applies to gas stoves

Electrical or Cord Issue – Electrical stoves are not designed to last forever. Over time, it will have some electrical issues or power cord issues that can be dangerous if left unfixed.

Additional factors for the gas stove burners to turn off are a damaged gas ignitor, which causes it to fail to light. Aside from this, it could be a broken thermostat, low on gas, or a blocked gas line.

Regardless of the issue that causes the stove burners not to work, it is important to check on this further and fix it to ensure that it won’t cause other issues with the appliance.


A stove is another kitchen essential that allows you to cook food anytime. If you find any issues with the appliance, contact GE Monogram Repair Expert right away to schedule an appointment for repair.