Reasons for the GE Stovetop Not Heating Up

May 17, 2022

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Modern technology brought a lot of convenience to many things, including cooking appliances. Nowadays, appliance brands like GE have been producing top-of-the-line kitchen appliances made to be durable, quality and with features that help customers with their cooking. Although they are considered a high-end appliance, they are still prone to some issues that would need a reliable GE Monogram Cooktop Repair.

Different possible issues that your cooktop might have and one of these is if it is not heating. It is important to find out the causes and how to fix Electric Stove not heating up for it to be prevented as soon as possible and apply the right solution to it. However, suppose it needs a professional repair service. In that case, GE Monogram Appliance Repair Services in Redondo Beach is here to help ensure that issues are thoroughly checked to find out the main cause and apply the best and most durable solution to it.

Power Source Receptacle

The grease, oil and moisture can build up in power, which leads to a problem. Over time, this can cause arcing. Even if the electrical short happens and appears harmless, the heating element will get damaged. You can prevent this by regularly cleaning the element tips inside the receptacle.

Burnt or Loose Wire

Also, inspect the electrical wires, particularly for loose connections and any signs of damage such as burned marks.

Burned Out Heating Elements

There’s a selector switch that helps control the electricity flow in the designating heating element. After the knob is turned in a particular heating setting, the problem might be a burnt-out element if the stove doesn’t produce enough heat.

Problem with the Selector Switch

The heating element is a dedicated switch not only to turn on or off but also to regulate the voltage for the heat. Once it reaches the desired temperature, this shuts off the electricity, and this is a continuous cycle that will last through the entire cooking process.

Plug-in Burner Replacement

GE is one brand that uses plug-in burners, especially for electric cooktops. If there’s a need to replace it, make sure to do it carefully and properly.

It is important to do this regularly to clean the burner to prevent problems such as failing to heat up. But, there are things that you should also consider to make sure that it is not only clean but also wouldn’t cause any accidental damage. Different cooktops have an effective way to clean and ensure each part is properly placed, making sure that it won’t result in damage to the appliance and still works efficiently.


There are different cooking appliances that you can use for cooking, and one of these is the stovetop. If it shows some problems that require an expert repair, contact GE Monogram Repair Expert to properly address the issue and apply the best repair.