What Causes For GE Stove Clicking

May 4, 2022

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GE is one of the most trusted and reliable appliance brands by many homeowners regarding their kitchen appliances. They make top-of-the-line appliances that are durable and quality with features that will make them convenient. Although it is known for its quality, there are times that you might experience some issues that will affect its performance.

There are times that some of the issues with the appliance may need a professional repair service to ensure that it is properly checked and fixed. With the help of the right tools and equipment for the repair, a long-lasting repair solution is guaranteed. GE Monogram Appliance Repair Services in Monterey Park is one of the certified repair technicians in the area and guarantees to provide you with quality repairs for your appliance.

Whenever there is a problem with your Wolf appliance, there are times that it can be difficult to determine what can cause the issue. Some of the problems are due to several factors, such as faulty parts or poor maintenance. One of the common problems you may encounter with a GE Stove is when you notice that it keeps clicking.

You may probably be familiar with the clicking noise when you turn the surface burner knob and the burner lights. This noise is due to the electric ignitor working to spark the burner, and this should stop once it is lit. A normal function will typically click up to three times before it will spark. But when it starts to click continuously, you can try to check this first before considering replacing the ignitor.

Out of Alignment – One of the most common sources of this issue is that the burner cap is out of place. Ensure that the cooktop is completely cooled and burner grates are removed to access the cap. Try to remove the cap and center it on the base. If the burner cap is tilted, it can prevent the burner from lighting.

Excess Moisture – Also, check for moisture. If you have recently had a pot boil over on the burner, a food or grease spill, or recently cleaned the cooktop, some moisture may still be present even if it looks dry. Remove the burner cap and do air dry.

Food or Debris – If you happen to see any debris stuck in the holes in the burner. This could potentially be the reason for the stove to keep clicking. This can be removed by doing a thorough cleaning.


GE Stove is one of the kitchen appliances widely used by many homes. But, if it needs an expert repair, you can always count on the expert repair technicians of GE Monogram Repair Expert to assist you. Call us today to schedule an appointment to repair your GE Stove at your convenient time and day.