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Nowadays, you can find different appliances available that make their way to the market, such as the GE Monogram Wall Oven. The wall oven not only can help you cook sumptuous meals but the appliance is also known for its top quality, innovative features, and also sleek and subtle designs that would complement the design of your kitchen. When it comes to the Wall oven installation guide, the professional technicians of GE Monogram Repair Expert can assist you.

It is considered one of the best features where it can help you maintain the appliance, especially after it has been used for quite some time. Self-cleaning ovens are one of the most convenient, but they can also cause different potential problems. What many appliance owners don’t realize is how the self-cleaning feature works. To remove the oven’s built-up grease and food debris, the oven must run upwards of 500 degrees, or the very maximum temperature the oven can reach safely without being a cause of fire hazard. Putting the oven at a high temperature also puts the appliance at risk. It is not meant to run at high temperatures for a long time as the self-clean cycle lasts. While your oven may be able to endure the few self-cleans, the more the feature is used, the more likely that one day, your oven will just not run on again after the cycle of the self-clean.

If you happen to encounter a problem with your GE Monogram not doing the self-clean feature, this can be due to the following and common solutions.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

During the oven’s self-cleaning cycle, the door lock switch activates the door lock motor to help prevent the oven door from being opened. If the door lock motor and the switch assembly are not functioning, the oven door will not unlock once the self-cleaning cycle is complete. You can open its door for most ovens by removing certain screws or panels. You can check your user manual for further instructions.

Oven Control Board

The oven control board has relays. This will help to send the right voltage to the bake and broil circuits according to the input setting by the user. If the control board is having a problem, it may not send the right voltage to the heating components.

Temperature Control Thermostat

The oven thermostat sends the voltage to the heating circuit and regulates the oven’s temperature during the self-cleaning cycle. The oven thermostat can function well for baking and broiling but not self-cleaning. Due to the complexity, the oven thermostat is difficult to test. If you suspect that the oven thermostat is the problem, replace it immediately.

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is the safety feature that protects the oven from overheating. If the oven gets too hot, the thermal fuse trips to shut off the power to the oven. The thermal fuse is not resettable. If the thermal fuse blows, this must be replaced. To determine the thermal fuse blower, use the multimeter to test its continuity. If the thermal fuse does not have continuity, have it replaced as well. 

Door Switch

A problem with the door switch can be preventing the oven door from locking. The door switch is often the part of the circuit that causes the oven door to lock during the self-cleaning cycle. If the oven door is unable to lock, this will cause the self-cleaning cycle not to start. To determine whether the door switch has a problem, use a multimeter to test for continuity. If the door switch does not have continuity, also replace it.

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