How To Fix When GE Monogram Cooktop Makes Noise?

Mar 25, 2022

Home » How To Fix When GE Monogram Cooktop Makes Noise?

Home » How To Fix When GE Monogram Cooktop Makes Noise?

Nowadays, there are different ways to cook different meals, and that is with the help of cooking appliances. With different appliance brands available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which one would be the best to help with all your needs if you are looking for a durable, luxurious cooktop with the best luxurious compatibility with the kitchen design. When it comes to cooktop installation, it must be done properly and correctly to ensure that it will work effectively.

However, like any other appliance, the GE Monogram Cooktop can still be prone to some issues which may affect its performance. When this happens, a GE Monogram Repair expert in Malibu is here to help you with the GE monogram cooktop repair. This is important to ensure that it is properly checked to determine the main cause of the problem and do the necessary repairs to make sure that it will be available in good working condition in no time.

One of the common issues that many homeowners may encounter with the GE Monogram cooktop is where it makes an unusual noise. It can be alarming what causes the issue, but not to worry, there is a way to get it fixed and know what causes the situation to ensure that you can prevent this in the future. Usually, the clicking or the noise comes from the burners. 

  • If the burner igniters are clicking in the OFF position, ensure that the knob is turned OFF completely and the knob has back out.
  • The moisture after cleaning can also cause the igniters to click intermittently. Make sure to let the unit dry for at least a few hours.
  • It is also normal to hear multiple burners click when only one ignites. 

If still the issue persists, it would be best to contact GE Monogram Repair to ensure that it is properly checked and repaired.

On the other hand, there are different noises that you may hear with your cooktop, and each does have meaning. Like an induction cooktop, this is considered one of the modern era cookware, and this works using electromagnetism for cooking food. The induction cooktop is noiseless, as the electronic fields used to generate energy are silent. However, while cooking using the appliance, you may hear humming, buzzing, or rattling. There are times that these noises can be unpleasant, but they are completely harmless. These sounds are normal, and there is nothing to worry about on the cooktop.

The noises can be due to different reasons. The cooktop makes humming noises or buzzes, or the cookware or its fan is built into the cooktop. Knowing the different noises and their reasons will help you be aware and understand what should be done to fix the problem.

Humming sounds – You can hear the high power appliance’s low humming sound. The sound will go away when the cookware heats up, or the power is turned down. Another reason for the humming sound can be the fan embedded inside the cookware hob and switches on to remove the heat generated during cooking. The electrical components of the cooktop need a controlled temperature to function well. The fan runs at various speeds according to the temperature detected to control the temperature. 

Tick Sounds – Occasionally, very soft tick sounds when the cooktop is used. This happens as the power controllers cycle the elements on or off to keep the element power steady and stable.

Cracking/Rattling/Buzzing Sound – The crackling or the rattling sound happens when the cookware of different materials is used. The vibrations cause noise in the joint faces between its different layers. This can change depending on the type and amount of food being cooked and the size of the cookware. The stainless steel and multi-ply stainless steel tends to make more noise when it is in use. It is not a defect but is an induction-related scenario. This is why it is vital to use high-quality clad cookware to prevent any noise coming from the appliance when it is in use.

But, if the noise persists when using the cooktop, let a professional repair technician check and fix the problem. GE Monogram Repair Expert technicians are expertly trained to fix any GE Monogram cooktop models and issues. A thorough diagnosis will help identify the main cause of the concern and do the necessary course of action to ensure that all the difficulties are addressed and have it up and running in no time.


GE Monogram Cooktop is considered one of the best and most convenient ways of cooking, and when it experiences some issues, GE Monogram Repair Expert is here to help you. Call us for more details or to schedule an appointment for repair.