How to Fix the Error Code F96 on GE Monogram Oven?

Apr 6, 2022

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Appliances are a big advantage when doing household chores such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. There are a lot of appliance brands that offer quality and reliable appliances, such as the GE Monogram. They have developed and produced different appliances, such as gas and electric wall ovens.

However, appliances may tend to have some issues which need to be checked and fixed. When the oven is not working, different repair services are available in the area. A certified and reliable GE Monogram Repair Expert in Orange provides quality and dependable Built-in Oven Repair that you can always rely on.

GE Monogram ovens, for example, provide a lot of advantages when it comes to cooking. Nowadays, you can find a lot of dishes that can be cooked using the oven. The appliance provides you with precise and thorough cooking depending on the temperature needed for the food to evenly cook. Although GE Monogram ovens are built to last, you may encounter some issues throughout their lifespan. This type of issue can significantly affect the appliance’s performance and, at the same time, can put a halt to your cooking routine.

With GE Monogram ovens, you will know something wrong with the appliance through its fault codes. The fault codes are programmed in all the range and wall oven models, which feature electronic oven controls. These controls help the GE Repair Technician quickly diagnose the appliance’s issue. If the electronic control displays a fault code such as F96, repair technicians like GE Monogram Repair Expert can check and also do the necessary fix to the issue.

You may wonder what does the F96 code means? This code indicates an internal component in the appliance that needs to be replaced. The problem could be with the cooling or the blower fan, and the said parts must be replaced. When it comes to its repair needs, this must be worked on by a professional repair technician to ensure that it is handled properly and accurately by using the right tools and equipment along with the certified parts for the appliance. This ensures that the new parts will be compatible with the appliance and that it fits well without compromising its quality and performance.

When you encounter this error code with your GE Oven, you may try this first before calling for repair service. When shutting off the circuit breaker that the oven is connected to for about 30 seconds will help to clean the error, fault, or function code. However, there are cases where the oven control does not reset and will need a repair service to check and fix the issue.

Since the error code pertains to its internal components, there is a way to replace the oven’s cooling fan located on the upper back left of the oven. It requires removing the oven and its 3 metal panels. To remove the oven, the best way is to remove its oven doors first to help reduce the weight significantly. Once done, this will be much easier to lift the oven. This will also help to check and remove some of the screws and other parts of the appliance to locate the faulty internal components and do the necessary fix.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of the process, you can always ask the assistance of a GE Monogram Repair Expert to thoroughly assess the situation and do the needed fix. In this way, the possible issues are addressed properly to safely fix the issue and prevent any further issues that may affect the performance of the appliance. The GE Monogram Repair Experts team is professionally trained and experienced to handle any GE Monogram appliance models, such as the oven and other malfunctions that it may have. Diagnosis will be done to determine the main cause using the right tools and equipment. If it requires replacing the parts, the team can assist you. We always ensure that certified parts are available on our service vehicle and ready for use. This is also our way to ensure that the repair that we do will last for a long time and prevent any concerns with the appliance when in use.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, efficient, and effective repair service for your GE Monogram at affordable rates, contact GE Monogram Repair Expert. We guarantee to get your appliance working in no time.


GE Monogram ovens are a big help when it comes to cooking. But when it shows some issues, let GE Monogram Repair Expert help you. Call us to schedule an appointment for repair at your convenience.